Make Non-Editable InclTax Field in CustTable and SalesTable


in order to avoid that someone check the box “Prices incl. sales tax” in “Customers” and “Sales Order Details” screens, I’d like to make them non-editable.

In ‘AOT > Forms > CustTable > DataSources > Fields’, when I set this field InclTax as “AllowEdit=No”, it works fine.

When I do the same for ‘SalesTable’, the checkbox stays editable. Nevertheless, if I set “Visible=No”, the box disappears well…!

I don’t want to hide it, I really want to set it no-editable… any idea ? :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot


Try to set the enabled property of the field in the form to NO

Actually with ‘Enabled=NO’ the checkbox is non-editable, but what is the difference between both ?

On MSDN website it looks like it’s not a best pratice to set Enable to NO instead of AllowEdit :

According to me it does not effect any of the existing functionality if you perform the above operation.

And if yes if you are following best practices ,then you may not do this.

Thank you, I’ll do it in this way.