make me understand real time development of ax.That on modules.

I am new to the dynamics AX technical just give me some real time scenarios on finance modules (AP,AR, et…) for my practice. Thank u.

On what AX version you are working?
You can play with creating journals, order (sales, purchase) and try posting them. Debug and see how the data flows.
There are number of example over web.
Form letter frame work,…/hh272871.aspx

Ax 2012 r2 ,customization on (AP,AR)modules. SO lets give me some practical examples which are mandatory for the developer needs to know of ax. thank u.

I don’t think that there is something mandatory, If you know how to program in X++ and if you can understand the standard code.

I am the fresher to the dynamics ax 2012 r2 even than i am trying to get job on experience, because here no chance for the fresher , do to that i am struggling in facing the interview ,
“by the question what have you done that are customization’s and development’s” so for clear that question i need real-time requirements ,let you provide some of them to me just for the crack the interview. thank you.