Maintenance Plan

Hi All,

I would like to know what are the activities done during the maintenance of navision database on sql server?

Please provide the details of Maintenance Plan and any link for relavant document?

How frequently are these done?


This question has been already discussed here in forum in detail, with samples & links many times.

Please use Search - you will get a plenty of postings.

Hi Raj,

Mainteance Plan for Navision DB on Sql Server

  1. Daily Full Backup of Sql DB

  2. Backup of Transcation Log for each 1/2 hours (Varies on DB Size)

  3. Truncation of Log Files (Weekly)

  4. Optimization of Tables(Navision)

  5. Deframentation of Tables

  6. Indexing Of Tables

Schedule all these jobs in proper manners will improve your DB performance.

Depends on your recovery model. With simple recovery model, it is not necessary to back up the transaction log. Also, the frequency is up to the user preference. Every half hour may work for one customer, but not for another. Discuss the customer’s preferences and decide with them what the right approach is.

No that is bad advice. Truncating the log file will result in severe fragmentation, which will result in performance problems. You need to keep the log file at a stable size, and do regular log backups (depending on your recovery model of course). The file size remains the same, and by backing the data up regularly it is cleaned out.

Can also depend on the type of hardware you’re using to support your infrastructure, and what kind of scale out you have decided to do.

…Load Balanced, Active Active, Active Passive, clustered replication, log shipping. Etc. Maybe you’re running Fort Knoxx [Y]… or maybe you’re running it out of your old beat up compaq server or something [N] shrug [^o)]

It probably boils down to what you “can” and “can’t” do… and first and foremost… what the customers preferance is.[pi] $$$