Hello, For Navision 3.7 on SQL Server does the MaintainSIFTIndex property of a key have any effect if there are no SumIndexFields for that key? And if there is no effect should this property be set to False or does it matter? Thanks, Brian.

The “MaintainSIFTIndex” property is used with SQL Server to simulate the FlowField technology of NAVISION. If you have defined “SumIndexFields” you will also see the column “SIFTLevels” being filled. If you have “SumIndexFields” and “SIFTLevels” defined (with “MaintainSIFTIndex” set to TRUE), NAVISION will create special “SIFT tables”. Finally: if you don’t have “SumIndexFields”, the “MaintainSIFTIndex” property doesn’t matter, you can leave it TRUE.