Main Window

Greetings When I open Navision the Main Window is inserted into the left corner. Is there a way to drag it out? Or resize it? I’m unable to get any work done as it’s ‘wedged to deep’ behind the menu bar. A few days ago the Main Window positioned itself in the middle of the page after log on. Now, after log on the main windows slides quickly into the corner. Thanks Charlie M

Not exactly a tip or trick is it [:D] 2 options 1. Delete the zup - it should reposition it. 2. Design the form and alter teh X and Y posiitons? Not sure on this one you would be better off asking a developer but I think it can be done.

Alternativley - press “Alt” and “M” and “-” on your keyboard (together, as you would Control Alt Delete). You will then be able to select “Move” and use your up, down, left and right arrows to move the form…

Thank you. Cool. ALT M - opened up choices.

Hi Ali Won’t the menu to select this option appear in the top half of the screen that is not visible? [:D] Well apparently not [;)]

Hi Steve - hope you’re well! On top form I see!! No - it works fine (having done training / consultancy / floor walking and support for a number of years, one gets to know these tricks!!) Ally.