Main Menu

This may be a simple question, but here it goes. How can I change the main menu form to a custom form?

You can set for each user different form which is opened when user starts Navision. In “User setup” field “Main manu ID” set form ID.

or you can change it in 1 codeunit function CompanyOpen

Thank, I changed it in the code unit. I have 3.7 and it is actually called ApplicationManagement.

Codeunit 1 is always called “ApplicationManagement” in all the versions[:D]

Viktoras was referring to the name of the Function inside Codeunit 1 [:D]

I think it is a bad idea to modify Codeunits unless it is absolutely necessary. Instead i would modify the main form or even better, use the “User Setup” method.

Well, If you use the user setup table, then for every user you have to define the Main Menu and later if you add a new user you need to remember to add that user in the user setup. It could be ok for the the company size of 5-10, but Think a company size of 50-60 or more.

Why change CODE when you can change SETUP - And the users proberbly needs to be set up anyways…