Main accounts

What is the use of the field “select the level of main account to display” in the main accounts form of AX 2012 ?

Hi Godavari,

Seems you are new to AX 2012 because same questions i had when i saw ax 2012 first time. Well there were many that time.

To answer your question, COA in ax 2012 is completely new. It can now be shared accross multiple companies/legal entities.

Since COA is shared, you may require certain property of a account to be different in another company. For this purpose only, Select the level of main account to display is used. There are two fields:

  1. Chart of accounts: When you select this, the setup of account will be common to all the legal entities using this COA. In other words, it’s a shared setup.

  2. Companies:Now to have certain specific setting in a legal entity, this is used. When we select this, we need to select legal entities also and the setup of this account will override specific data like suspend field, financial statement related fields.

Normally we use Chart of accounts unless we have multiple company environment.


Hi Pranav,

Thanks for your reply.

I’m actually working as a functional consultant for Navision ERP. I,m trying to shift to the Ax ERP.

In that case in the above scenario,when we select the companies we are not able select some fields like Main account type,Main account category and other fields. In the general tab. In that case how to mention the account category, DB/CR proposal,Offset account for this main account.