Main accounts for vendors and customers

Hi There,

My client has used the legacy financial system for years, this system’s functionality is quite poor, the client has to maintain one main account for each vendor or customer individually, as long as the system running, the number of the main account is getting very big now. ( the legacy financial system doesn’t have the AP/AR module).

At the moment, we are going to use the AX 2012 R3 to replace the legacy system. from my point of view, i think we can use one main account for all the customer/vendor instead, the posting profile in the AP/AR module specify only one main account for all the vendors/customers.


  1. Is it still possible for us to generate the customer/vendor balance ?

  2. if we do it in this way, is there any negative impact in contrast to the individual main account ?

many thanks.

Yes, Vendor / customer account balance information isn’t generated from general ledger but from AR / AP sub ledger. The best way is to is to setup a minimum number of main accounts for AR / AP, defined by the business requirements.


Nuno is correct. I can only see positive impact on using one or less main accounts.