Main accounts for production in the item group


Just want to confirm the main accounts that are used in the production process.

Group A : accounts that are used when picking list journal posted.

A.1 Picking list issue

A.2 Picking list offset account

Group B : accounts that are used when Report as finished journal posted.

B.1 Report as finished receipt

B.2 Reported as finished offset accounts

Group C: When these accounts are used ?

C.1 Issue

C.2 Issue offset account

Group D: When these accounts are used ?

D.1 Receipt

D.2 Receipt offset account

On the production order, where i can check the vouchers that use these main accounts ?

Group A and B are only populated if the post “work in process” to the ledger is selected.

Group C and D record the actual cost of the finished goods and the actual cost of raw material used in production because group A and B are used to record the estimated costs and are fully reversed at the ending of production.

You also need to decide if you post this way, you can alter this in the production parameters.

I suggest you set this up and walk through the process and look at the postings.

Any document/blog available to explain about these production account settings in Ax 2012 ?

Thanks in advance