mails are not sending

hi,this is santhosh i am new to thid dynamic forums .i am newly appointed for this ERP. we have small problem in sending the mails from NAVISION. when we search the code unit “MAIL”.we detect that the problem is at “MAPIHandler” (GLOBAL variable) in the 'E-mail 'name and ‘body’ will assign to the MAPIHandler but the mail is not sending . i think that problem at “MAPIHandler.SEND” method. i want ur guidance at this position . i am week in english if there is any mistakes in my message please excuse me.ok i hope the return message.

thank u and bye

Can you tell your current Outlook version and Navision version ?

my “NAVISION” version is" 3.7" and we are not using “OUTLOOK” for sending mails. we are using “MORZILLA THUNDERBIRD” for sending mails.

You need Outlook

hello sir, First of all thanks for ur quick response.actually our need is sending mails from the ERP software. even it is “OUTLOOK” also we have no problem. thank u sir ok sir,bye

Hey Santosh,

firstly welcome to The Dynamics User Group. Also you might want to write a bit more about your self in the Introductions section.

As to email, basically the mail handler is designed around Outlook, but you could easily write a function based on an Automation that could send email using any SMTP server.

Navision uses Outlook for sending emails, so you need Outlook installed and set up with a valid profile on each client machine that you wish to send email from. If you are able, you can write a function to send those messages using OLE automation and the “Microsoft CDO for Windows 2000 Library.” This will eliminate the need for Outlook. I believe that there are resources on this site that can help you with this.

You can find sample code for using CDOSYS here:

How to use the Cdosys.dll library to send an e-mail message

The example is C#, but the principles are the same.