Mail with Appointment request using Outlook


If i click on the button, a calendar mail with the time, date and location of the appointment should be sent using Outlook.

Is it possible to do in Navision?

If so how should i proceed…

Hi Bavani,

You are able to do this with Outlook Syncronisation. This requires you install, setup and configure this module. There is a white paper on the installation of this - have a search on partnersource for it and have a read.

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Got an error posting and posted as Anonymous


I’m not sure if the previous answer helped you or not?

What version of NAV are you using?

Hi Connull,

Im using Nav 5.0.Liked to know more details about this.


I would suggest that you review the white paper as described by DaveT in a previous post.

Good luck and let us know if this helps.

Hi Bavani,

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