Mail takes time to arrive

Hi everyone,

I am trying to send mails via NAV 2013 to Outlook…

The problem is that the mails take sometime to arrive, but I want them to arrive instantaneously, just at the moment when I send them…

Is there something I can do to make that possible(setup or something else?)

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Poppins,

I guess you’re not really trying to send mails “via NAV 2013 to Outlook”, but send mails from NAV 2013 via Outlook? [;)]

There are many ways to send mails using Outlook. Which method are you using? The “standard” codeunit 397 or?

And I guess that you don’t mean arrive at the email recipient but in Outlook.

If you’re using CU 397, then the one way to get the “to arrive” faster is to make sure that Outlook is already open. If Outlook is not open, then it takes much more time, because when using CU 397, then this is actually opening Outlook.