Mail setup

Hello, when a new user is setup in axapta, the system is able to send him or her a mail. We need to give the Id of the mail. I found how to create a new mail (Base/setup/e-mail messages) but I don’t find how to write the message part with the %username% and so on. Is it because I don’t have a SMTP server configured ? Thank you in advance Best regards

Hi, Look at Administration → Setup → Security → Password parameters … HTH, Harish Mohanbabu

Well, thank you but I just want to put “Hi %username%, you have a new account in Axapta and your password is :…” in the message, where can I put this ? Thanks you. Thierry

Hi Thierry, Apologies for my earlier post. I guess your requirement would need a bit of customization. Once Administrator creates an user, on click of a button he can forward an email to the newly created user containing info about his user credentials. SysMailer is the class responsible for sending email. Sample code (from online help) - ------------------------------ { SysMailer mailer = new SysMailer(); mailer.body(“This is the body of the mail”); mailer.subject(“The message subject”); mailer.fromAddress(“”); mailer.fromName(“Peter Villadsen”); mailer.tos().add(“”); mailer.tos().add(“”); mailer.attachments().add(“c:\gylle.log”); mailer.sendMail(); pause; } ------------------------------ Any other better suggestions out there? Harish Mohanbabu

Thank you Harish, your answer is very interesting. I kept it for further developpment. The thing that I was looking for is to edit the body of the message because this kind of message can be setup in system email message ? This does not require any dev just configuration. Thank you