Mail Merge to Word from Relationship Management (Segments)

When logging a segment in Navision V.4 that is connected to a Mail Merge Word document, the mail merge is always printed directly to the default printer of the client (workstation).

  1. Can I (How?) select the printer on which I want to print the mail merge?

  2. Can I simulate the creation (without logging) to see the result of the mail merge first?

Thanks for your answers!!

In the Segment, check ‘Ignore Contact Corr. Type’ on the Interaction tab and leave the field ‘Correspondence Type’ blank. Log the segment. Go to Logged Segments, select your segment and use ‘Functions-Resend’. On the option tab, choose Hard Copy. If you press OK the mailmerge will be executed again and the documents will be printed.

  1. By doing this you can choose whatever workstation to print from (and printer, if you change the default printer first).
  2. I don’t think you can do that.

Was my answer to question no. 1 helpful or not?

Hi Michiel,

sorry for the delay…
Yes, your answer was helpful, even though I would have hoped for a better Navision functionality like “Click here and Navision will ask on what printer to print…”.

Sames goes for question no. 2. I would EXPECT that anybody creating mass mailing/word merge he wants to see a sample before he commits…

Thanks anyway, Markus.