Mail Merge creates large printout queue size

Hi Here’s a strange problem in 3.10 on SQL. We are using Mail Merge from Relationship management (“Log” on a segment). We have a word docuent as an attachment. When merging to printer it works just nice as long as we are running in our development environment. We get a size of approx. 80K for each document (there’s at picture in it). But if we do this at our clients site (running on Citrix) every document printed is approx. 0,5Mb in the printer queue. No matter what printer driver we use (PCL5, PCL6 PS etc) we get much larger printouts at our client. In a segment with 1000 Contacts this is a big problem. Anyone seen this differences before?

I think we have found it. On we found a support document that explains that printouts can be substantially larger in Citrix since all fonts are embedded instead of referenced as normally.