Mail Codeunit 397 Nav 2.0 (us)

Is there any way to hardwire a carriage return in the body section of the NewMessage function? Here is an example Body := ‘Transaction No’+’ - ‘+TransNo+’ (carriage return) ‘The authorization was denied’ (carriage return) ‘Call customer and verify address’ I have tried '+ but get the actual string. Programmer / Analyst DC Shoes, Inc. 1333 Keystone Way Vista, CA 92083

yes, there is! define two variables: Name:CR, DataType:Char Name:LF, DataType:Char code example: CR := 13; LF := 10; Body := ‘Transaction No’+’ - '+TransNo; Body += FORMAT(CR)+FORMAT(LF); christian reisinger NAVIConsult AG

You could try to declare a variable ‘CR’ text. In your code you can do the following: CR[1] := 13; Body := ‘Transaction No ’ + ’ -’ + Transno + CR; Body += ‘The authorization was denied’ + CR; Body += ‘Call customer and verify addres’; I think this may work, but I haven’t actually tested it. Dennis van Es PerCom: Research & Development BV The Netherlands