Machine Time vs Labor in Dyanmics AX

Machine vs. Labor in AX 2012

Here is a scenario:

There are 4 machines that can be run by one individual (25% of that person’s time needs to be calculated for every hour of machine time). The machines do not have a run cost, but the person does. For example, if the person’s cost is $40 dollars per hour, then that person’s cost is only $10.00 per machine per hour.

PACK is the machine operation and Pack_01 is the labor. Pack_01 is the secondary operation to PACK, the primary operation.

On the setup tab of the secondary line, the Pack_01 operation is set to the Formula = Capacity and the factor is set to .25

My understanding is that by setting it this way, then AX should calculate 100% machine time and 25% Labor time. When I run the BOM calculation for the item setup in this way, AX still calculates the secondary line (Labor) at 100%.

Is there another way to do this? Am I missing something?

I don’t think it works this way. The capacity factor is used to calculate the quantity per unit of capacity that is defined on the resource for that operation - it is not related to the machine or other resource specified in the primary operation.

I also think that there will be a limitation in using Primary / Secondary operations that have different times set up. I encountered this recently and found that secondary operations will defer to the times specified on the primary operation.

I think you will need to give each (Machine and Labor) its own operation and this will deal with the calculation. You can use Route Network and that should allow you to manage sequence for scheduling the operations.

I am also trying to come up with the right combination for managing my routes, so I am interested in hearing how this goes for you.

Hi Fellas - I ran across your post in search of an answer for a seemingly similar problem.

We’re in the midst of conversion where our old routes have Machine Run Time, Labor Time, and Setup Time all on the same route step. We currently cost using only the Labor Time times a cell labor rate.

Run Time & Setup Time both have a field in the Times tab of the route, and both values are necessary in order to schedule production & determine capacity. Our struggle is finding a home for the Labor Time in the route (without entering secondary route steps) and keeping the timesthat we can use to do BOM Calculations.

Here’s an example: route step 10 takes 2 hours to setup the machine (regardless of qty), 30 seconds per part to run the machine/resource, and 60 seconds per part of labor (essentially 2 people per part). We need to use the 2 hours of setup time and 30 seconds per part to schedule the machine/resource, but we need the 60 seconds of labor to cost the part.

Any ideas where we could put the 60 seconds of labor per part?

I would look at putting it as an overhead in the costing sheet. Or use the per quantity cost category to reflect a labour cost that is not captured because the time is the machine time.