M.R.U. Databases

well i dont know if it goes to the developer or here. i wanted to ask if someone knows why i dont have the list of MRUs anymore. you know … the list in the “File” menu of the most recently used databases. i did not delete the zup-file. even if i open a new DB it does not go into the list, which is empty all of the times. think its some windows question … but anyway … thanks

You have problem with your zup file, you may be on Citrix or Terminal server with a wrong setup, or you may have the zup file somewhere that you don’t have permission to place it.

nope. as the zup file also contains setup on window sizes and stuff i can ensure that the zup files works, since my object designer always has the sizes saved and every window does. i guess, nav does not record the databases anymore due to some windows settings. anyone knows something?

Hi ahed The zup file may work, but that does not mean it is not corrupt. Copy it somewhere else then delete it - obviously all your window sizes disappear - but do your MRU databases return? I have access to Navision versions 2.01-3.70 on Windows98-WindowsXP, and they all work fine - or are you using Citrix? Delete the zup and see what happens [:D]

ahed - you have a problem with your zup file.

experiment failed [xx(] still no database list damn it. its not a real big thing, but it really sucks ass [:(!]

Hi Ahed Are you the only one with the issue, or do others accessing the same DB get the same issue?

Try launching Navision with an ID paramater. This problem also happens if you have 2 differnt versions of Navision installed on the machine, if they point to the same ZUP file, then some of the paramaters get mixed up when you switch between them.

i am launching navision with an id since i have an id for every customer im working on. it is no server and it is only my local development DB, therefore noone else than me gets that error. this “File”>“Database”>“Open” procedure is beginning to piss me off :wink:

I think you have more than one version of Navision installed, its OK, just admit it … [:)]

if you really want to know: :slight_smile: i have installed the 3.60, 3.70, 3.01, 3.10 and 2.60. but i had that already before my problem came up …