LS1402 with BC, calculate statement warning

Hi, I’m using LS14.02 with BC, when running Calculate Statement, got following warning messages:

Warning - 17 Transaction Header records were found from POS Terminal xxx, 34 were expected
Warning - End of Day Declaration is missing for Store xxx, Staff

Transaction Header table shows End of Day Declaration is posted as the last transaction for the day. why did LS still prompt a warning that End of Day Declaration was missing?

Any idea what is missing?
Appreciate your help.

Did replication for that store complete successfully? Looks like that store did not do their End of Day.

thank you for your reply.

the replication was completed successfully. I’ve compared the transaction header records in both store and HO, they are exactly the same. end of day declaration was also done for that particular day, the entry was logged in transaction header. that’s why I couldn’t figure out what went wrong.

I’ve asked my team if they have any other ideas on where to look.

Solved the issue after turning on “Exclude from Safe Management” in POS terminal card.


I had the same problem. I did it with the same solution you mentioned but in my case counted amounts are not coming. can you please help?

Based on the warning message you received, it seems that there might be a discrepancy between the expected number of transaction header records and the actual number of records found for the specified POS terminal. The warning message regarding the missing End of Day Declaration for the specified store and staff could be related to this discrepancy.

To further investigate this issue, you may want to check if there were any issues with the POS terminal during the day in question that could have resulted in missing or incomplete transaction records. Additionally, you can verify if the End of Day Declaration was properly posted for the specified store and staff in LS14.02.

If the issue persists, you may want to consult with the LS14.02 support team to get further assistance in resolving this warning message.