LS with BC - Z report amount not cleared; counted amount zero on open statement

I have two issues with LS 1402

issue 1-

when Calculate Statement. the counted amount is zero although user counted cash and nets amount during Tender Declaration.

From Transaction register->Trans. Tender Declar. Entry table, we can see the entries by cash and nets.

According to LS online help, it says that “When you calculate a Statement, the program enters the amount from the Trans. Tender Declar. Entry table into the Counted Amount field in the statement lines”.

Anyone can advise why counted amount is zero on open statement. Thanks.

issue 2-

Z report amount was not cleared when printed 2nd time.
following is the scenario:
user 10 login, post cash transaction $8.5
user 5 login, post cash transaction $8
user 10 login, do end of day declaration, z report printed
user 10 login again, print z-report, $8 posted by user 5 still appeared on z-report.
Anyone can advise why z-report is not cleared/reset when printed 2nd time.


hi ,

Z report is printing based on transaction header Z-Report ID filed, was there any error message ? check Z-Report ID

Thanks for your reply.

I can see Z-report ID in Transaction header table.

there’s no error message when printing z-report.

what else I need to check?

the statement method is Total, I can see Last Z-report ID updated in Staff card.