LS Retail


We’re using NAV 2009 R2 6.0 Classic.

Now, we’re trying to set up LS Retail with POS. The Company wants to set up some customer grouping :

  1. For the Customers who have a mailing group. The mailing groups belong to Contacts but Company wants to see them also as Customers with probably some special pricing, etc. It’s not even only for Retail but for the whole system. It’s not that urgent as they’re somehow handling with this for now. But, if somebody has an idea how to do this it’d be greatly appreciated.

  2. Retail related - Set up different cutomer types such as “Over the counter” and “Direct Delivery”. It’s urgent as it should be a new set-up for the coming Retail.

There are no any dimensions used/set-up for the Customers for now. So, probably we could use it somehow for these purposes.

Please help with an advice how it’d be possible to implement the set-up.


Use Customer group and customer discount group functionality.

Use this you can give discount to specific customer group.

Thank you, Sudhakar. Do you mean ‘Customer Group’ as a ‘Customer Price Groups’ under the Administration->Sales & Marketing?

Could the same Customer belong to different groups?

What is a ‘Customer Buying Groups’? Could it be used somehow as well?