What is the licensing methodology in LS Retail for the following secnario

We have one HO and two Stores at different locations. we require two NAV users at HO and 2 LS POS Users at each location.Can anybody advise us the licensing requirement for LS Reatil/NAV


You have to buy seperate POS licences for each POS and for each Store you must have Store server Licence. For HO you can have 2 user Licences if both are using concurrently.

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You need two nav users, 2 ls store and 2 ls pos licenses only.


Amit Sobti

His Post Seems that he will have 2 POS in each store and 2 stores are there. So 4 POS will come in to picture. Then how can he proceed with 2 POS Licence?

we need to activate the Lot Wise item tracking in LS Retail POS. We have created the barcode mask as follows


Item No. 38002

Barcode: 8738002000000

We have received the items with a lot no. 10003

when I am using this barcode 8738002100031, system is giving the warning “Invalid Lot No.”, Do you want to use? If we cancel the warning message, system showing another message as Lot No. Item Tracking not supported without “Inventory Lookup”

Can anybody suggest what is the problem

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