LS Retail - Scheduler

Hi everyone,

I am trying to replicate the password field of Staff from the Store to HO (same table). A scheduler subjob is created with the following parameters

  • Replication Method = Normal
  • Field Transfer Type = Include List
  • What To Do = Update-Add
  • Transfer field list - >
    • From Field No. = 5; To Field No. = 5;
    • Field Name From = Password; Field Name To = Password.

I have ensured that the packet is replicated from the Message Status, but the password field is not updated at the HO. Can any one help me out.



Are you replicating the PK (Primary Key) fields in your include list of fields?

Hi Rashed,

No, I’m trying to replicate to update the password field only. It is not a primary key field.



I’ve currently set the scheduler sub job to Update-Add the entire record. But the user would rather have only a password update to the HO from stores, to avoid accidental update on the rest of the fields.



HI All,

I have found the solution to this problem. For those who dont know, field replication can be done by including the primary key along with the other fields to be replicated, in the “Transfer Field List”. The remaining settings can stay the same.

Cheerio and Thanks,