LS retail questions

Hi all! we’re using Ls Retail and I have some questions as I dont know well the software: - To replenish goods located at each store ( knowing that each store can purchase their goods or sent a requisition to the warehouse), if using standard Navision how requisition system can be used? how set up item, locations? If using the “distribution granule” of Ls retail, how am i able to do all my settings? Thanks for help.

Hi There, Are you using LS Retail 4.00 ?? Thomas Nielsen AVF Consulting Inc.

Yes we are using LS Retail 4.

Hi again, I will be more than happy to assist with your issues but could please forward more detail information. You can also reach me Thomas

Hi, Its can be done …well need to keep in mind abt the usage of distribution location & play with them. ( Store & Ware house).Take care of replications setups. Regards JAGANTAH REDDY