LS retail POS replication issue with HO


I have a client where we have installed Dynamics Nav 2009 and LS retail POS. LS retail POS is installed at the store on SQL Express and Nav 2009 is installed on SQL server 2012 at HO. There are 4 stores with 5-6 POS at each store.

We are using the LS retail DD for the replication between POS and HO. The sales transactions are updated immediately after posting but the ICT is done after 10 mins. i.e ILE entry on HO.

We have noticed that the ICT does not get replicated to HO and transactions are blocked at the POS level. It could be due to service not started, or nas not started. This result in the stock item are not depleted at the store level.

Currently we are resolving the issue after the event, ie when the user noticed that the stock has not been depleted, then we run a check to find which POS has not been replicated and run it manually.

My questions:

  1. Is there a tool in LS retail to monitor the POS data replication to ensure that the POS is actually replicating the data to HO?.

  2. How can we ensure that all transactions entered on the POS have updated the HO?

  3. How can this be control to ensure that we are not missing any data or how to ensure that all POS has been replicated properly at night or before switching the POS off?

I will appreciate a reply to those who have worked on LS retail.


Best Regards