Ls retail Pole Display


When preparing LS Retail Invoice, we can display the Item Desc, Qty etc on Customer Pole Display.

I am trying to do the same from Navision Sales Order (Form 46), i am succesful in doing it through form i.e on validate of

Quantity I am calling the function to display the details on Pole Display. but the problem is if i am calling this function from Page (RTC), nothing happens on pole display, has anyone done this.

Help required.


This is not gonna work as the code tries to run at the NAV server rather than the client.
You will need to wait for a new version which supports RTC or you need to develop your own Client-AddIn in order to achieve this.

hi Mr. John,

can provide me what code u write for customer Pole Display in sales Order form ?


Amol Bhad

Hi Amol,

Are you asking for Form or Page. With page I did not find any solution.



Mr john.

please tell me about form.

I am new in this. it will be so great full if you help me step by step.


amol bhad