ls 40 to ls50

we are using cutomised nav40 sp1 with ls40 i want to upgrade to nav 40 sp3 with ls retail50 i have new ver copy with licence

please guide dtksp3 is not reading ls retail both vertions

Can you please rephrase the question?

we are end user ,we are chain of retail showrooms,we are usnig nav40sp1 billing in showrooms done in lsretail 40 custmized,now i recevd

nav40 sp3 with ls retail 50

how to upgrade

i have dtk sp3 but it doesnot read ls retail & custmized nav40 ,it only reads base vertion of nav40 sp1 &sp3

i am using sql server 2000 database in head office native database in showroom

You need to merge modified objects and replace all the rest of them. You don’t need the upgrade toolkit.