Lotus Notes via OCX

Hi, I want to use Lotus Notes for sending e-mails. I know how to use OCX with MS Office but not with Lotus Notes. Could you help me with something? Thanks in advance

Can you use MAPI, If you can set Lotus Notes to be your MAPI client then Navision will use lotus notes to send email. To use an OCX from Navision you just set up a variable in Navision of type OCX and subtype the OCX you want to use. Then the procedures of the OCX can then be called from this variable. Because of limitiations of Navison you may need to create an interface OCX between Navision and the other OCX. Paul Baxter

Please search the groups for Lotus Notes. I have answered this topic already … but if you have any questions, please e.mail me and I will try to help! Cheers! John.

Navision has problems using Notes as an email client - you can use Notes for sending emails if you dont want to use the UI but this requires coding. But if you want Navision to call up a Notes email form and populate it with the email address of the customer as you can with Outlook you will get a ResolveName error. This is a Method within MAPI that Notes does not support.

Yes but you can just modify Navision’s Email code so that it does not call the resolve method. I would always do this even using Outlook as it will try and work out who you are sending mail to and correct the email address. This does not always work correctly when you are sending email to people not in outlook’s address book. Paul Baxter Edited by - triff on 2002 Jan 11 11:18:40

Lotus does have an OCX on their site called DOC (Domino Collaboration Objects). When I pulled it about a year ago, it was being offered as freeware to help developer access Notes mail (or other Notes objects). Just another option to throw out there. Bill