Lotus Notes .Email button

When I push on the EMAIL button in the CUSTOMER Form (or VENDOR Form), I get the following message : "Impossible to invoque ResolveName Member.MAPIMessage return the following message:NOT SUPPORT " I get this message when LOTUS NOTES is configure on my computer as the default Email program . I don’t get this message when Outlook Express si configure as the default Email program. What to I have to do to make Lotus Notes working with this Email Button? Thanks in advance

I have had good success using Lotus Notes via MAPI in Win 98, ME and NT4. I have never tried with 2000. The Lotus R5 Help Database (Hit F1, Search for MAPI in the Index View) describes how to set up MAPI and Notes and includes some troubleshooting tips. The quick and easy way is to install Notes after installing Microsoft Exchange, Outlook and Office applications. Then, you go to Control Panel, click the Mail & Fax Icon and follow the steps to add a new profile (very easy wizard). If there is no Mail & Fax icon or you installed Notes before installing Exchange.Outlook/Office, then you must manually merge the contents of each section of NOTESPIS.INF in the Notes program directory into the appropriate sections of MAPISVC.INF in the Windows system directory. Now … if only someone could figure out how to send mail through Notes Mail DB via COM/OLE instead of through the MAPI interface! Good Luck, John