Lotus Notes and Navision 3.60 (Attain)

Have anyone made a similar solution for Lotus Notes as the Outlook Integration available in Navision 3.60?

Yes some of it! - we expect to have a version ready within a short time. If you are interested please contact me by e-mail. flp@corpital.com. Best regards Finn

I would be very interested in hearing more when it’s ready, even though I should use it yesterday! [:)] Mayby the other members would like to hear about it as well…

Me too interested in the same and asked few weeks back if there’s anybody worked on it? Can you throw more light in what you have done or working on?Do you plan to sell it as an Addon or else?[?]

We would also be interested in learning about interfacing Lotus Notes, and Navision.

If enough people are interested, maybe we could initiate a “Open Project”? (Ref: http://www.mbsonline.org/forum/forum.asp?FORUM_ID=54 and http://www.mbsonline.org/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=4095 ) I think this could very much be a user driven project…

I’d be willing to contribute.

Anyone else?

I have ! I implemented a function for mail and fax (by ExtraComm’s product ExtraFax). I’m using Lotus Notes Automation Classes. It works fine. Please contact me if you need help or tips. Best regards. Katrin

Katrin, I’ve always had problems with Notes’ Automation Classes. Perhaps you could post a few lines of code to show me how to say, open database ‘test.nsf’ and create and save a new doc. I hope this is not too much to ask, if I can get over the hurdle of creating the classes, then I should be able to build and contribute generic objects for notes functions. I propose that we create a codeunit that creates notes’ mail docs. Sort of an open source thing. Any agreement, thoughts? -john

Yes, Katrin, please tells us more about what you did…

Hello John, no problem, here are some lines how you can open a Notes database and create/save a new document in this database. You can use the most of the Notes commands, have you programmed in Lotus Notes script ? The conditions: - you have installed the Notes client and the user is a known user and have access for this Notes database - the user have to logon on Lotus Notes or is already logged on, Lotus client will be started autom. when you run this CodeUnit Try, I’m sure it will be work, god luck ! You can also send me a mail (katrin@sperre.com) when you need help… //--------------------------------------------------------GLOBAL VAR Name DataType Subtype Length NotesSession Automation ‘Lotus Notes Automation Classes’.NOTESSESSION NotesDatabase Automation ‘Lotus Notes Automation Classes’.NOTESDATABASE NotesDocument Automation ‘Lotus Notes Automation Classes’.NOTESDOCUMENT Server Text 100 DBPath Text 250 //--------------------------------------------------------CODE CLEAR(NotesSession); CLEAR(NotesDatabase); CLEAR(NotesDocument); Server:= “Your Notes server”; DBPath:= “test.nsf” //-> in this case the database is located directly in your Notes directory IF NOT CREATE(NotesSession) THEN EXIT(FALSE); NotesDatabase := NotesSession.GETDATABASE(Server,DBPath); //check that the database is available, I use the following commands: IF ISCLEAR(NotesDatabase) THEN BEGIN MESSAGE(‘Lotus Notes: The database <’ + DBPathAddress + ‘> can not be found.\Contact your systemadministrator’ ); EXIT(FALSE) END; IF NotesDatabase.REPLICAID = ‘’ THEN BEGIN; MESSAGE(‘Lotus Notes: The database <’ + DBPathAddress + ‘> can not be found.\Contact your systemadministrator’ ); EXIT(FALSE) END; NotesDocument := NotesDatabase.CREATEDOCUMENT(); //create som fields in the Notes document NotesDocument.APPENDITEMVALUE(‘Form’,‘Memo’); NotesAddressDocument.APPENDITEMVALUE(‘Subject’,‘This is a test’); NotesAddressDocument.APPENDITEMVALUE(‘SendTo’,‘katrin@sperre.com’); //save the document NotesDocument.SAVE(1,1);