Lotus Notes & Navision Automation

Have tried anyone to send an Lotus Notes Mail by Automation fron Navision Financials ??? IT Manager MPS Spain

I also interested in this topic, I am able to open new mail document on notes with automation but i am never be able to put attachment, address and etc. and send this document…Any good news or examples for me…Regards

Forget about Lotus Notes Mail or Outlook or Pegasus or CC-Mail. That’s not the issue! If you want to send an e-mail, you don’t deal with an individual program. You deal with MAPI. To be specific with MAPI32.OCX. You develop your e-mail automation by using calls to the MAPI32.OCX. This works, no matter which Program is defined as the default Mapi-Client on your computer. In fact you could change MS Outlook Express for Lotus Notes as your Mapi-Client without having to make any changes in your Navision code! What you have to find out (I can’t help you with that) is how to make Lotus Notes your default e-mail client. (That’s the programm which is being called if you right-click on a file in explorer and choose Send To → Mail Receipient). In Codeunit 397 you find an example of how to access and use Mapi32.OCX Marcus Marcus Fabian phone: +41 79 4397872 m.fabian@thenet.ch

Thanks Marcus , I agree with you. Because only thing that I asked this question is this in your answer which “I can’t help you that”… I also stucked here… Thanks

I’m not sure if I’m reading your messages correctly, but in order for the “Send to: Mail Recipient” thing to use Notes, you must install Microsoft Messaging before you install the Notes client. The notes client then does some tricky stuff so the “Send To” functions work correctly. Good luck. Andre Rencontre BCompSci, MCSE HLB Mann Judd Victoria, Australia

LaserNet Mail Makes it possible to send all finished forms automatically through standard mail systems that support Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes. The form is attached to an e-mail in PDF-format (Portable Document Format), and address, subject, and contents are filled in automatically based on information received from the data stream.