lot tracking with warehousing

hi, i’ve been trying to use lot tracking with warehousing. on the item tracking card, i’ve activated lot warehousing tracking and all the other options. scenario: i’ve got an item for which i’ve got the following units of measure 1 piece 12 dozen i’ve placed a purchase order for 1 dozen. Allocated a lot no. Generated a whse receipt. when i tried to post the receipt i get the message " quantity per unit of measure must be 1 in warehouse receipt Line No:=‘Re001’, Line No:= 10000’" if i purchase 10 pieces i don’t get any errors. its only when i’m trying to buy in dozen that i get the message. it seems i am getting the problem because i am using lot no tracking cause if i take it out from the item card, it works fine. can anybody please tell me what have i missed. thanks

Make sure you have the unit of measure set to dozen and not peices. If you ordered 1 dozen it will not let you receive 1 peice. Alot of times in Navision it will default to the base unit of measure so I see this error often from people try to receive lot or bulk quantities.