LOT numbers

if we post a purchase order for “lot number” tracked item, and find out that the lot number we entered and posted (warehouse receipt, and put away) is wrong, what would be the best way to correct/replace the old lot number?

is there a tool to replace lot numbers?


The item reclassification journal will allow you to do this.

Only one remark related to renumber tracking. When you are using reclassification journal together with advanced warehouse, you can get tracking information in warehouse entries and another info in item ledger entry. So when you ship items it will say that that tracking information doesn’t exists in item ledger entry. Must also recon ciliate warehouse entries together with item ledger entries before ship.

You are using NAV 5.0 that problem was solved by synchronizing during item reclassification.

i used the warehouse reclassification journal,

i had to change to the base unit of measure (internal pick)

post the reclassification with lot numbers

make another internal pick to put them back in the original UOM.

Thanks a lot!!!