Lot Numbers out of sequential order in Lot. No. List

When selecting Lot Numbers from the Lot. No List in Item Tracking Lines, we find that the lots are sometimes out of numerical (FIFO) order.

Looking at the Item No. List table, I can see that the Entry No. is the key. I don’t understand how the Lot No. became associated with a particular Entry No; the two fields appear to be sort of mismatched. This is what we’re seeing:

Entry No. 1: Lot No. 2

Entry No. 2: Lot No. 1

Entry No. 3.: Lot No. 3

I checked the Item Tracing for each of these lots and the Production Orders were all finished in the correct sequence (months apart) and the Transfer Orders to the current warehouse were received in the correct date order, again months apart.

I can re-sort the Lot No. list by the actual lot number or expiration date when I open it but after closing and re-opening, the sort order defaults to Entry No. This is not exactly convenient to do each time.

I am not a developer. Is there anything that I can do to ensure that the Lot No. List sort order is always set to Lot No. and not Entry No.? If not, is there some way to change the Entry No. associated with a particular Lot No. so that the list displays in the correct sequential order?

Thank you for your help.

Well I guess you can do this in your end user license …

Go to design of Form. Go to property & go to “SourceTableView”. There in field “KEY” choose which ever key you want to see it sorted for & save the form. Next time when you open it this should show you in your desired sorting…

You need to SET key on the basis of LOT No.

Thank you. This appears to work.