Lot number

What is the Best format to define lot number for different Locations recive same item .

If the lot number is provided you have the format, if not you can set it to be a number sequence to avoid any duplications. However the same lot in a different location is valid. The format changes per industry and requirement - there is no ONE best format.

Thanks Adam,

I have Six Locations.

A , B, C, D , E, F

So i defined the Six number series for Location wise Lot tracking.

I had given the relationship for six number series.

I created a purchase order and for Location B . i go to Item traking Line and run the function Assign Lot no , then system automatically

assigning the A location lot number series.

Here the problem is It does not show up the number series when run the function Assign lot no.

so how can i assign the lot no location wise.

No idea, I am not a developer, but at least you posted it in the right forum, although personally I would have started a new post for that sort of question.

Thanks Mr. Steven,

Great Help. Problem solved.

Do I miss something? Where is the solution? Or is it just ironical? [*-)]

I vote for the ironical, always nice to be helpful [:D]