Lot number is required for item AAA111

Dear all,

Well, I don’t know where to start from, but here it goes.

I work for a company that uses Nav 5.0 as its ERP, I don’t have much experience in Nav, but I managed to fix several errors here and there.

Now, I have this problem which I can’t seem to get rid of. One of the items with a very long list of item ledger entries, has a very small quantity stuck (0.00206) that when I try to manual adjust the quantity to remove from the bin using the item journal (the warehouse location is using WMS), it shows the following error: Lot number is required for item AAA111.

One of the problem, is that I don’t know where this tiny quantity came from. since whatever warehouse activity needed to create that quantity (TO, Receipt, etc…etc…)is already been posted and now it only need to be posted through the journal line, but to no avail.

Of course, I can’t simply cancel the lot tracking for that item because it already has item ledger entries using it.
or I can block that item and create a new but first i need to zero the inventory for that item which brings us back to the problem above.

Anyone has an idea where I should be looking or what steps can be taken in order to solve that problem?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi M.Houry,

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You should look into your Item Ledger Entries.

May be this 0.00206 value is due to different Unit oF Measures in various documents.

For assigning Serial No./ Item Tracking no, quanity to create must be an integer, perhaps you are stuck at this point…Had (quantity) it been integer then you could

use (Line>>Item Tracking Line, from the bottom of Item Journal).

Dear Dhan,

Thank you for your reply.

One of things, which I should have mentioned is that the item adjustment (whether positive or negative) is taken place in a warehouse that uses (pick/put-away). and the whse activity is already posted (whether through whse. item journal, whse. phys. inv. journal or some other method, I am not sure) and now all that remainsto do is to post the adjustment using the item journal, but in the item journal, I cannot set any lot# for that qty.

Could it be an item reservation entry missing ?