Lot no. tracking problem

Hi, When Iam are trying to receive the goods in transfer order (after Ship), the error mesage is “Qty to handle (Base) must be 2 in tracking specification entr no.=1” Actually in the lines Qty = 2, Qty Shipped = 2, Qty. to Receive = 2, Lot tracking information exist. Note ----- Ver - 3.7 SG, Hot fix applied upto 16. Database - SQL Server 2000 There is no records in “Tracking specification” table. What could be the problem?

Hi Ramanth Ther have been many issues with the error message Error: “Qty. to Handle (Base) must be xxx in Tracking Specification Entry No.=‘1’” I suggest you contact your NSC because you need to change the code in a variety of areas; codeunit 22, 99000835, 7324 and table 5767 needs a new key, but you may already have some of these alterations in your hotfixed version. I do not have all the details myself otherwise I would post them! [:D]

Ramanathmani, do you have already a solution for your problem? I´m having the same problem in 3.70 A US… Can anbody help me further? p.s.: Pls. don´t tell me that I have to contact MBS - I´m tired of waiting for answers from there…

Hi If you contact your NSC they can help - there are many solutions to the issue depending upon the nature of the issue, as many actions and configurations cause the error message to be displayed. Microsoft have issued the majority of fixes in this area, so you should not have to contact them.