Lot no in Purchase order

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We have two different no’s such as Purchase Order & Jobwork Purchase order. For which i have lot no’s such as GRN for purchase & MID For job work.

The client requirement is automatic number series in lot no generation.

How could i get automatic no’s when i have two numbers series for lot no. as i can able to tag only one number series in item card. suggest me how can i keep rational number series in lot no generation




You can add one more field and create number sequence for that.then it will be OK.

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Britto John Baskar.A


I have given no’s. but when am posting Purchase order, i have to assign lot no which is differ from each PO. for e.g. purchase orders lot no - LOT0001. for job work - lot nos -JW0001. while assigning lot no. how can i give for purchase order & job work order.




Best way Define two different no series for both the category of item (Job work and Purchase items) and attached to the items lot no .Hope this resolved your problem.

Thanks a lot sir.

Kindly verify solution if it resolved ur problem