Lot No and Serial No.

Hi, Navision 3.10 / Native Database. When we are trying assign Lot no / Serial no. Iam facing a problem in the Sales Order. Invenotry details (having a 10 Qty on Item - “Item 1”) Lot No. Serial No. 1 1000 1 1001 1 1002 1 1003 1 1004 2 1000 2 1001 2 1002 2 1003 2 1004 S.O. would like to sale 5 Qty When Iam doing the Sales, When I am assigning the Lot no. / Serial no. (find Entries Automatically). It pulls records from the Lot no. 1 and Shows the next 5 entries. Instead of this I would like to sale Quantity recd on Lot no.2. how we can do this…? I don’t want to do that maullay record by record. If I have 100 Qty then it will be a big task. Note : We are having Lot No. / Serial No. Any help on this

Hi You’ll need the developers to help you with this one - I would post it in the developer forum. I presume you will want the user to select the first number (if it is not the first logically manual user intervention is required) and automatically increment from there (missing out those not in the range of course) until the serial record is populated with the quantity in the quantitiy to ship field.