Lot for lot reordering doesn't match with expectation


I’m a beginner and I’m performing some test scripts on our NAV2009.

I set a lot for lot reordering system for an item. Details below:

Inventory on Hand: 0

Minimum Order Qty: 7

Maximum Order Qty: 10

Safety stock: 5

No pendind sales.

On Req. Worksheet I tried to calculate its plan, expecting an order of 7 Units, but NAV shows me a purchasing plan of 5 Units.

Thanks for help!


Hi Roberto,

In NAV5, the amount of 7 will be shown, so it looks like NAV2009 is not working as should be expected. Have you had any reaction so far?

Hi Roberto,

We are having similar issues, we think it is because your safety stock is below min order qty. If you set safety stock to, eg 10, it should order the 7, we think. It may also be down to the reordering system, we’ve got fixed qty set to our products.

Hope this helps.