Lost mi Navision Financials 2.01B install CD, is in Spanish, any body have them or where i can download ¿?

Please I need the installation cd Navision Financials 2.01B in Spanish, I have lost them, and I need to reinstall my server. It is very urgent. I have backups of my files license and de database as well.

The company that performed the initial installation and maintenance, a few years ago, has broken a few months ago, and I do not know where to find the installation cd.

I need de Client\Server CD in Spanish.

Any can help me, please ¿?

Can’t you roll back to the date before you had server issues as opposed to a clean install?

Do you not have the installation CD on a server, when you go through the install it should ask you to provide the language, that’s how it has worked with the implementations I’ve been part of.

Hope this helps [Y]

The server is crashing by hardware. is shutdown a couple hours,.is a old Proliant server.

I can not rollback anything. Olny solution is install Navision Financials in a new server.

My problem is i dont have the install 2.01B install CD.

Then as I suggested, the original AX supplier should have left the installation CD in a folder on one of your servers, perhaps check for this if possible.

there is not in the server.Was one of the first places I looked, but nothing there. [*-)]

This problem is driving me crazy right now [:@]

maybe I have luck and someone has the installation CD and can help me, please [;)]

Jorge, the server is NOT language specific, so you can install a W1 server and connect to your database no problems.


The W1 is 2.01B version ¿? sorry but I do not understand. is W1 in the donwload section ¿?

I too am a user of the (ancient) Navision 2.01b and am need of the install software for this ~15 year old software!

This evening my server went down at the office cloud backup only was keeping data files, not install/ executable files (the Navision Setup.exe file).

Does anyone has a recommendation/ resource as to where to get this? I still have my companies license file and the company (data) files.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

I’m probably not the only one who has the 2.01B installation files, and I suspect that the silence here is related to not wanting to offend the licensing gods?

If this request for installation media were being made directly to MS, what evidence of entitlement would they require? I’m guessing that it would be, at the least, evidence that the customer was current on maintenance at the time they originally installed 2.01B, and at the most stringent, evidence that the customer is now current on maintenance? Now that that version is retired, I’m sure MS would not even entertain the discussion, but would they also admonish partners to dismiss it as well?

Thoughts from the account experts?

George, distributing Navision installation media all over the world is NOT restricted in any way, nor it does cause licensing infringements.

Navision DEMO DVD in fact is not some special DEMO version, it is “normal” inst disc - only the license file (.FLF) matters, DEMO disk contains only DEMO license.
As long as the purchased enduser’s FLF file is not included (and nobody of sound mind will let his license spread over Internet), the install media can be freely distributed. Here in DOWNLOADS section are many versions available already, if you have that ancient v2, you may upload it there with no fear of bad consequences [;)]

Thanks Modris, I’ve been coding NAV for a very long time but have not had much direct contact with MS, so this is good information.

Here’s that link then …