Lost filter on an finacial account

Hi all I recently got a weird error in Navision 3.56 In the account chart there is one (1 only) account No. 3721 that doesn’t show the transactions added up in the flow field. When I press the [F6] key in the field, or [CTRL + F5] on the account line to see the transactions, there is no filter and no sum field in the transactions table. If I manually set the filter on the account, there are some transactions on the account number. If I go to the account above or the account below, everything is normal. The transactions are added up in the flow field, and when I open the transactions with [F6] or [CTRL + F5] the filter are set to the account no. as it should be. The account card are similar on all accounts regarding this. (Except from the Account no. and text of course) I have never seen anything like this before in 3.56 and wonder if anyone else know if there is a application bug regarding this. So anyone? Best regards Jan Bergengen Best regards Jan Bergengen

Hi Jan, no, this is not an application bug. This is a database error. I have had exactly the same several times with the “blue version”. What can you do? - First of all : backup the database. - Check the databse with the build in function. If you don’t get an error, you are lucky. From now, you need an C/AL license key, but you are working at a NSC so it should not be that problem. - Export the ledger entries from that account (3721) by using/writing a dataport. Export every field! - Delete this ledger entries with a report(don’t forget to set the filter to this account!) - create a new key for that table (ledger entires), activate and save. - import the exported ledger entries - remove or deactivate the created key. After that, you should be able to “see” the sum of the account. As you mentioned, you can see all the ledger entries, so I geuss you have not a problem with one of this entires within the database. Good luck. Walter

Thank you Walter. I’ll try what you suggest. I have tested the DB and there is no DB error so I guess I am “lucky”…S Best regards Jan Best regards Jan Bergengen

Hi Jan, did you solved the problem? Regards Walter

Hi Walter Yes the problem is solved, but in a slightly other way than what you suggested in the reply above. I tried your proposal but it still it bugged me, and I was running out of time so I found an alternative solution. So here’s what I did. - Create a second G/L account, identical to the first. - Create a report that copy all entries from the first account to the second account. - Delete all the entries for the first account. - Delete the first account. - Renamed the second account no. to the originating account. - Created a report the renamed the new “Entry No.” in the “G/L Entry” table to fill in the spaces in the consecutive “Entry No”. (This last routine above is really not necessary, but at least it made it look good for the auditor that might check the client… ) - And finally I executed a DB check… And everything is fine for now…S… But thank you for your reply. It guided me in the right direction… Best regards Jan Bergengen Edited by - Jan Bergengen on 2002 Jun 28 10:22:59

Hi Jan, perfect. I haven’t thought about the way you have done it, but as we see, it worked fine. Regards Walter