Lost connection to Navision Server

At present we have losses of connection with the Navision server 2.60d The users concerned by this errors are connected via Citrix. The others connect to the server directly without passing by Citrix. Our configuration is the following one: 2 servers Citrix XP win2000srv MétaFrame ( 2GO ram , 2 Processors 800Hmz ) in load-balancing 1 server Navision (Navision 2.60d version) win2000srv ( 2GO ram , 4 Processors 800Hmz ) Both are interconnected via optical fibre 1000mbps and a switch The first disconnection takes place so: A window message appears with as “Error 59 UnexpectedNetworkError”[:(] After this disconnection, the application does not start any more on the Client and we obtain Dr Watson’s message in " Event Viewer " of the Citrix server: The application, , generated an application error. The error occurred 26/09/2002 @ 13:53:58.390 The exception generated was c0000005 at address 0043BC3D ()[?][?] Not possible to open Navision app During neighbourhood 3 quarters of an hour unless rebooting the Citrix and or the Nav server. On the other hand, it happens that an user is not ejected: we finds in the directory who are files *.zup a named file " __ temp __.@ Uu " dated on 12/09/2002. When one delete it and that this user opens again Navision this file reappears with the same date on 12/09/2002. On the 12/09/2002 is the date we reinstalled Navision from NT4’s towards Windows 2000 server: During it this reinstallation we changed is Netbios name and the IP adress. was Somebody already confronted with this kind of problem or with a part[8D] and could help us to give ourselves information. Thank you[;)] Christian A.

Hello Christian - please do’nt cross-post your question in different forums. Thank you.