Loss of Data

Has anybody experenced a problem of data being lost ad hoc from a 2.01B database? All records in a table suddenly disappear or all records have a field set to zero. The database is not corrupt. The objects have been checked for questionable use of DELETEALL and MODIFYALL commands. Only SETUP type tables are being affected. Approx. ten tables have lost data at different times. The client has ruled out user error. Any suggestions. Kenneth I Wormington

Check there are no reports that DELETEALL or MODIFYALL commands… Check if there has been any user error. I know you said those… but thats the only way the data can disappear. I’ve heard many a client say “definitely not user error or something we did” but in the end thats what it turns out to be. Craig Bradney Technical Manager Navision Solutions & Services, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Email:cbradney@deloitte.com.au

Does anyone have ODBC access to the database? And if so check to ensure this is set to Read Only. Since you are talking about SETUP tables and simple DELETE command would do it - maybe check the objects for any dubious DELETES or MODIFYS on one of the Setup tables that it happened to. Without getting too paranoid - who has access to Report Designer or Dataport Designer? Other than that I must say I am with Craig on this, things dont happen by themselves they have a tendency to come down in the end to User Interference. Simon

Since 1996 when I started to work with Financials I have seen many many Navision installations but I never have experienced or even heard of a data loss under the circumstances you describe. ------- With best regards from Switzerland Marcus Fabian

Thank you for the replies. The checking on the code for modify/deletes and the user error aspects were very thorough before getting to the discussion forum point. And the ODBC loophole had been checked too - sorry forgot to put that in. But I needed some confirmation that there is no known problem. 6 years of experience with Navision databases across 13 countries has ever yielded a similar problem for me either. The options left are to investigate hardware/network errors and malicious user damage. If something definite is found, I will post it for information. Kenneth I Wormington

If the Loss of data is only in the setup tyep of tables then the possible loss may be through the Setup checklist function copy setup. This being a very primitve in 2.01B there are some problems. Though I have not experienced it real time from a client. I have seen this happen when I try to copy information from one company to another. Try to do the same on some old back ups, this cannot be an user error. Each time the user restores a back up. He may be copying a setup table from the older setting before restoring. This could be one reason. Thanks, Best regards, Prashanth pbg@navilogic.com