Lose of visibility of forecast AX 2012

We would like to hear from users who have had the same issue as us, and how they solved the issue. We must use weekly forecast buckets, when MRP is run on Monday the forecast is visible, however by Tuesday it drops off. This is a problematic for us as we may run MRP on other days of the week. We’ve told told this is an issue with AX. Has anyone found a fix for this?

Your weekly forecast bucket presumably has the forecast on the first day, it needs to be the last day, otherwise when the first day is in the past the forecast is not longer relevant

That sounds like a viable solution to our problem. How would you do the set up for the forecast to fall on the last day?

It depends how you are defining your forecast and putting it into buckets. Have a look - I presume you are using a Monday, use a Friday, so you have to shift all forecast data by 5 days.