LookupTable Filter

Hi, I would like to have FlowFilters “remember” their value on a list form. What I am finding is that if I run the form from object designer FlowFilters remain on the list (Item List), hower, if I press F5 (calls LookupTable Function) the list is loaded everytime with these Filters cleared [:(]. I must assume this is caused by the LookupTable call. Any ideas? Thanks

Not sure why, but as a work around … Why not have a field on a ‘setup’ table (General Ledger Setup if the flowfilter relates to G/L accounts), which you populate with the flowfilter before closing the form (OnQueryCloseForm). Then when you run the list form, look to this table and set the flowfilter (OnInit or OnOpenForm)?!?

That’s because a Card form settings (like filters and keys) have priority over the List form. When you run the List from the Card, the List will take the exact same filters which were set on the Card. So, set the filters on the Card form also/instead.

[^] I suppose I could put some fields on the User Setup table that I could populate with the Filter values. There is nearly 80,000 items and over 400 users on the system spread over spread over multiple costing centres. Filtering is important.[Duh!] Thanks for the tips. [:D]