I have written a code for security purpose as a request from one of the client. The code is written on the salesperson lookup on customer card. Where if the field is blank than user can enter the salesperson code. [:)] but if it is not blank than user will be asked to enter the password for changing the salesperson code. [8)] Which works fine but if you dont highlight the salesperson code and click on the lookup button it first asks for the password if the password is correct than opens up an salesperson lookup table and user can select the salesperson. but once the user come out of the form after the selection. The selected salesperson is not getting updated on the card. And, if you do the same by highlighting the salesperson code it works perfectly. Cheers [?]

Hi Jagjeet Imagining that you have written the code on the "onlookUp’ of that field on the form then u have to use the variable ‘text’ defined in that trigger. somethin like this //after validating the password text := record.salepersoncode exit(true); hope this helps. MK

MVGS, I have written the code on lookup Trigger of the field on table. Not on the form. The code is something like this … when you click on the lookup button it opens up an authorisation form where user will enter there password. (its an another form) If the password is correct and user is authorised to change the salesperson then the lookup is been opened. and user can do the selection. Cheers