Lookup on specific financial dimension


I have a customer who wants to add a financial dimension value to another financial dimension value. To be used for reporting not posting. They want to store a custom financial dimension to the “Department” dimension basically.

Form DimensionValueDetails, in essence every financial dimension can be assigned a value.

Was thinking of having a side table that stored this. So I need to make a lookup on single specific financial dimension and not the common hierarchy that is available with DimensionDefaultingController.

Any clue on how to do this?

I’m not sure exactly you need, nevertheless departments are stored in OMOperatingUnit table. A department is created as a dimension value only if it’s actually used as a dimension.

Thank you for you reply.

The task at hand is to assign a dimension value of type “Business area” to every dimension value of type department in the form named DimensionValueDetails.

I was thinking of storing this in a side table that connected to the [dimension] value. To do this I need to make a lookup control that only fetches values of type “Business area”.