Lookup of Financial Dimension in SSRS Report

Hi All,

I need to show the lookup of Financial Dimensions in SSRS using RDP Class, if any one has resolved, Kindly help, Appreciate your help.



Hi !!! I have the same issue…

i’m trying to do a report using different combinations of financial dimensions. My issue is… i don’t have idea how can to do the dialog window with the parameters. I try to find examples in the web… but i had no luck. Help me pls!!! thks

if you need to show a specific financial dimension inside the dynamics parameters, you will need to add the view DimensionAttributeValueSetItemView then add the relation between them it must be (parent.DefaultDimension == View.DimensionAttributeValueSet)

add two ranges on the view datasource

DimensionAttribute > Status: Hide


in the query.init() method after the super() get the DimensionAttributeRecId that you want to filter and use SysQuery::findOrCreateRange for the first range “DimensionAttribute” to assign the value for it and don’t forget to use SysQuery::value() when you assign the DimensionAttributeRecId value to the hidden range


Hi Ansar,

It’s so difficult to select The Financial Dimensions like show the main account with a specific dimension with a supdimension, like this :

Main account NAME - Dimension NAME - SupDimension NAME…

but if you want to show that with ID’s it’s easy , so tell me what you want to do exactly.

Ahmad Saify,


Hi Ahmad,

Thanks for the reply, I would like to show it in parameters as below :


“Department” - 1101(lookup value)

“Cost Centre” - 1201(lookup)

“Truck” - ET001(lookup)

“Driver” - DT002(lookup)



have you tried my suggestion? this is already tested and working fine,