LookUp issue of LedgerDimensionId based on Account type of Ledger in AX2012


Requirement : lookup for ledgerDimension id should populate based on Account type

As per the need we added two fields in DimensionDynamicAccount,LedgerJournalACType fiels in InventJournalTable .

these two fields are added to the Invent Movement journal form…

a) drag and droped the edt DimensionDynamicAccount to InventJournalTable ,

it automatically populated the relation with DimAttributeValueCombination table

b)I declared DimensionDynamicAccountController in class declaration

c)I used this object in form init()

dimAccountController = DimensionDynamicAccountController::construct(inventJournalTable_ds, fieldStr(InventJournalTable, DimensionDynamicAccount), fieldStr(InventJournalTable, LedgerJournalACType));

c) implemented methods


issue: when i selected LedgerJournalACType as Ledger

lookup is empty for DimensionDynamicAccount field…it should give the lookup showing ledger accounts…

Could you please suggest me on this issue…